Political debate

Some residents will already be aware that due to local boundary changes a new Wanstead Village Ward has been created as part of Redbridge Council.  In May 2018 voters will have the opportunity to elect three new councillors to represent them.

The main political parties have announced some of the candidates for these seats and campaigning has begun.

Earlier this week the following tweet was published by Redbridge Labour:


It made me feel very dismayed.  Apart from the appalling quality of the image it shows the low level of political debate and discussion on offer to voters.  It is no wonder that politicians and politics seem to be held in such low regard by many people in this country.

I believe we can and must do better.  Can I suggest to Redbridge Labour that they delete this tweet and any others like it?  Let’s raise the level of debate and do our best to encourage everyone to engage in the issues affecting our community in an intelligent, civilised, well-mannered and creative way.  Let’s debate together the very best ways to make the world a better place for everyone.  And may the best ideas win.