Safety in the snow and local crime

This week there seem to be two issues of concern to residents of Wanstead Village Ward.

The first is the response of Redbridge Council to the wintry weather which affected the capital earlier in the week.  Residents questioned whether gritters had treated the main roads and whether pavements were made safe.

The second issue is local crime.  Residents raised concerns about theft from vehicles and suspected drug dealing from parked cars.  The Wanstead Village Ward has two Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (depending on where you live) who should be the first point of contact about these issues.  Further information about the Snaresbrook Team can be found here and the Wanstead Team can be found here.  Both teams can also be followed on Twitter.

If you are a member of Facebook please join the Wanstead Community Forum in which you can raise and discuss any issues.  The Forum exists to provide an opportunity to air any concerns so the community can work together to make Wanstead a better place for everyone.

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