Council spends £1m on car allowances for staff


Since 2015 Redbridge Council has spent more than £1 million on car allowances for staff, an investigation has revealed.

The statistic was uncovered following a Freedom of Information request regarding amounts spent against Council cost codes.

In 2015/2016 the Council spent £585,147 against a code code for ‘car allowances staff’, while in 2016/2017 the figure was £466,952.  The total spent since 2015 amounts to £1,052,099.

The revelation comes after it emerged that Redbridge Council had spent more than £14,000 on ‘civic regalia’ since 2015.

An email attempting to clarify how the car allowances were used and how many staff received the payments was sent to Redbridge Council Press Office on Friday 12 January.  As of publication no response has been received.

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