Council withholds information following FOI request


Redbridge Council has failed to respond in full to a Freedom of Information request submitted by Wanstead Ward News.  The information sought concerns expenditure against specific Council cost codes.

Redbridge Council has provided information about sums spent against cost codes for floral decorations, car allowances for staff, concert fees expenditure, civic regalia, arboriculturalists and footways & cycle tracks.

The Council has failed to provide any information about expenditure against cost codes for car leasing, cassette tapes, compact discs and stray dogs.  This is despite two written requests for the information to be made available.

Following a request for clarification, Redbridge Council has provided further detail about items purchased against the cost code for civic regalia.  The response states that the civic regalia budget is used to fund new mayoral robes, alterations to robes, repairs to mayoral chains, civic gifts and hand-written scrolls and engraved mayoral badges which are presented to retiring mayors and deputies and their companions.

The Freedom of Information Act (2000) gives the public the right to access recorded information held by public sector organisations including local councils.  Organisations are usually expected to respond to requests within 20 working days and must explain why any information cannot be provided.

Redbridge Council has so far failed to offer any explanation as to why it cannot provide expenditure amounts for the missing cost codes.

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