Cost of new parking scheme revealed


A Freedom of Information request has uncovered expenditure associated with the introduction of a new parking scheme in Wanstead.

According to figures released by Redbridge Council, the total amount spent was more than £108,000.

Planning for the new proposals cost £14,500 while £21,600 was spent on public consultation.

The installation of new equipment, such as signs, pay-and-display kiosks and new road markings, amounted to £72,200.

When questioned about how much income the scheme was likely to generate in the first six months of operation, Redbridge Council issued the following statement:

“The scheme has not been designed to generate revenue.  It has been designed to improve parking provision in Wanstead High Street and protect surrounding roads from displacement and commuter parking.  Any revenue generated will be subject to residents wanting to be included in the scheme and parking turnover, therefore, no income predictions have been made”.

The controversial parking scheme was introduced on Monday 19 February 2018.

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