Meet the candidates: Ann Williams (Green Party)


On Thursday 3 May 2018 voters will go the polls in local elections across England.

In the local area candidates will be selected to represent the newly created Wanstead Village and Wanstead Park wards on Redbridge Council.

Wanstead Ward News has been meeting some of the candidates:

Ann Williams is standing for the Green Party in Wanstead Village.

She says:

“I moved to Wanstead thirty years ago attracted by the open spaces the uncrowded neighbourhoods and the flourishing High Street with its village-like atmosphere. These are the qualities I want to preserve.

One noticeable change has been the upward pressure on house prices, which makes it hard for quite affluent people to buy or rent homes. Developers, eager to maximise profits, price out those for whom even ‘affordable’ property is too expensive. The provision of real social housing should be foremost in Council policy, accompanied by genuine attempts to bring accommodation left empty by its owners into occupation.

Where new building is concerned pressure on open space, especially Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land should be resisted. The parks, greens and forest lands in this area are not just valuable for recreation but for providing oases of clean air.

The decline in air quality, common to the whole of London, affects the health of all residents especially the very young and the very old and adds to the pressures on our National Health Service. One of the primary causes of polluted air is traffic congestion. Restrictions on driving and parking are not popular but if we want to breathe clean air then the Council needs to promote and implement policies which favour pedestrians, cyclists and public transport over private cars.

All these issues – housing, open spaces, air quality, health and traffic control – are intertwined. Solving the problems they represent needs a holistic approach (or more simply joined-up thinking), which is what the Green Party aims to supply. Other parties may have adopted a few ‘green’ policies but only the Green Party puts the environment at the heart of its manifesto.”

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