Meet the candidates: Scott Wilding (Conservative)


On Thursday 3 May 2018 voters will go to the polls in local elections across England.

In the local area candidates will be selected to represent the newly-created Wanstead Village and Wanstead Park wards on Redbridge Council.

Wanstead Ward News has been meeting some of the candidates.

Scott Wilding is standing for the Conservative Party in Wanstead Village.

He says:

“I have been a Wanstead resident for over 35 years having grown up in Wanstead Village, attended Wanstead Church School and Wanstead High School.

Since 2009 I have been the Chair of the Wanstead Society, which is the only local charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing the whole of Wanstead. I have seen first-hand the great community spirit in Wanstead when I helped organise community clean-up days on Nightingale Green or took part in the bi-monthly litter picks.

Since 2014 I have been a trustee of the Wanstead Playground Association, which raised £100,000 for the children’s play area on Christchurch Green – something we had to do because Labour-run Redbridge refused to pay for its renovation.

Over the years I have also been involved with the Friends of Christchurch, and organised community street parties. I am a keen community gardener having taken part in the seeds for Snaresbrook campaign.

I also spent 12 years working for Redbridge Council and with the exception of some seasoned councillors there are few people with the experience to understand how the Council operates before being elected. It is important to hit-the-ground-running and know how to influence the workings of the Council, which I can.

So for me becoming a councillor is an extension of the community work I have been doing for almost a decade. And this is what local councillors should be doing in their community, working for their community. No matter which party they affiliate with, ask each candidate what they have done for their community.

If elected in May, my Conservative ward colleagues and I will fight for the best deal for Wanstead. We want a better public realm, a thriving High Street and a cleaner, greener Borough. And we think that our long-term commitment to this community is the best reason to give us your vote.”

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