Candidates announced for local elections



According to nomination papers published by Redbridge Council, the following candidates are standing for election as Borough Councillors on 3 May 2018:

Wanstead Village Ward

Crispin Acton (Liberal Democrats)
Jo Blackman (Labour Party)
David Bruck (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Csoka (Green Party)
Paul Donovan (Labour Party)
Michelle Dunn (Conservative Party)
Cedric Knight (Green Party)
Daniel Morgan-Thomas (Labour Party)
Scott Wilding (Conservative Party)
Steve Wilks (Conservative Party)
Elisabeth (Ann) Williams (Green Party)

Wanstead Park Ward

Sheila Bain (Labour Party)
Pat Bennett (Conservative Party)
Richard Kays (Conservative Party)
Paul Merry (Labour Party)
Christopher Pallet (Liberal Democrats)

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