Trussell Trust reveals increase in supplies issued by Redbridge foodbanks


There has been a 31.5% increase in the number of three-day emergency food supplies distributed in Redbridge since April 2017, according to new figures from the Trussell Trust.

Between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, 4,237 three-day emergency food supplies were handed out compared to 3,221 in the same period in 2016/17. The supplies were issued to 2,349 adults and 1,888 children.

Across London, the Trussell Trust distributed 134,244 three-day emergency food supplies in 2017/18. Adults received 86,607 and children received 47,637. This compares to a total of 111,101 three-day emergency food supplies issued in 2016/17.

The top four reasons for referral to a foodbank in the Trussell Trust network in 2017/18 were low income, benefit delays, benefit change and debt according to the most recent data.

The Trussell Trust is a poverty charity founded on Christian principles. They run a network of over 400 foodbanks giving emergency food and support to people in crisis around the UK.

“As a nation, we expect no one should be left hungry or destitute – illness, disability, family breakdown or the loss of a job could happen to any of us and we owe it to each other to make sure sufficient financial support is in place when we need it most,” commented Emma Revie, Chief Executive of the Trussell Trust.

“It is hard to break free from hunger if there isn’t enough money coming in to cover the rising cost of absolute essentials like food and housing. For too many people staying above the water is a daily struggle. It’s completely unaccepable that anyone is forced to turn to a foodbank as a result.

“Universal Credit is the future of our benefits system. It’s vital we get it right, and ensure levels of payment keep pace with the rising costs of essentials, particularly for groups of people we know are already more likely to need a foodbank – disabled people, people dealing with an illness, families with children and single parents”.


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