Redbridge improves ranking on league table of measures to secure a healthy and sustainable food future


Redbridge has improved its ranking on a league table of measures to secure a healthy and sustainable food future.

The ranking was created by Sustain which advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals.  It is an alliance of organisations which must be wholly or partly interested in food or farming issues and includes among others the Green Alliance, the Campaign for Real Farming, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Child Poverty Action Group, Compassion in World Farming and the Fairtrade Foundation.

One of Sustain’s projects is the London Food Link which works for a healthy, sustainable and ethical food system for the capital.

They have produced an interactive map rating each London Borough on progress in certain areas including animal welfare, food culture in schools, Fairtrade Food and the Living Wage.

Some of the key 2017 results for Redbridge are:

  • Fairtrade Food – Council has yet to pass a resolution in support of Fairtrade and is not yet making significant progress towards Fairtrade status.
  • Food Culture in schools – Borough where some schools are engaged in Healthy Schools London and/or Food for Life.
  • Good Growing – Council involved in two of the above core initiatives to encourage food growing.
  • Healthier Catering – Council is participating in the Healthier Catering Commitment scheme or has developed its own healthier catering scheme for businesses.
  • Local Declaration – Council has signed the Local Government Declaration on sugar reduction and healthier food.
  • Living Wage – Council is not involved in any of the initiatives covered in the report to encourage better pay.

Relative to other boroughs, Redbridge’s score improved 42% in 2017.

The full interactive map can be viewed here.

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