Central Line noise between Wanstead and Leytonstone


In response to a query from The Wanstead Post about the continuing screaming noise when trains travel between Wanstead and Leytonstone, London Underground’s Director of Asset Operations, Peter McNaught, said:

“We understand the importance of minimising noise levels on the tube and we are determined to do more to achieve this.

“We have carried out a huge programme of work and spent over £200 million replacing and grinding over 500km of track and installing over 11,000 new shock absorbent fixings across all of our Night Tube lines, which help reduce the sound when trains run over them. We are also actively exploring other options to reduce noise levels even further such as installing noise barriers and noise dampening pads as well as ensuring new rail infrastructure incorporates noise reduction technology.

“As we continue carrying out all this work I encourage anyone affected by noise to contact our dedicated customer services line, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will then send our engineers to investigate and work out how we can reduce the noise most effectively.”

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