Campaign to #improvethecentralline


Last week The Wanstead Post published an open letter about the continuing appalling service on the Central Line.

The letter has prompted the launch of a campaign to #improvethecentralline.

If you would like to contribute to efforts to improve the service please see below for some ideas.

The issue
The Central Line is one of the most important on the tube network. It is the main arterial route through Central London and delivers passengers to areas such as the City of London and the West End. For many people it is their only way of travelling into Central London.

The problem
The service on the line is appalling and appears to be deteriorating. This dire situation has been going on for day after day after day.

The knock-on effect
This awful situation leads to considerable stress, anxiety, lateness, increased workloads, loss of pay for freelancers, lack of time with children and loved ones, reduced leisure time and many other negative effects on those who have no other choice but to use the Central Line.

A solution
Transport for London, the Mayor of London, Central Line management and staff as well as passengers must come together to address the problems and find innovative solutions.

What can I do?


Tag @CentralLine and use the hashtag #improvethecentralline

Write to:
The Mayor of London
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA

Mark Wild
Managing Director, London Underground
C/O TfL Customer Service
4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk
London SE10 0ES

Caroline Pidgeon, Chair, London Assembly Transport Committee

Letters about the campaign have already been sent to The Mayor of London and the Managing Director of London Underground. The more letters they receive the more likely they are to do something.

The campaign is in email contact with the Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee who may set up a passenger meeting with Central Line management. There will be further news on this when it is confirmed.

4 thoughts on “Campaign to #improvethecentralline

  1. Angela Dorman

    It’s amazing their opinion of a good service does not match the passengers who are always late because of some problems on the line! If this us peak time why do we have to wait 7 minutes for a train?


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