Update on #improvethecentralline


Thank you to everyone who has supported the launch of The Wanstead Post’s campaign to #improvethecentralline.

The Mayor of London and the Managing Director of London Underground have yet to respond to letters about the current appalling service on the line.

John Cryer, MP for Leyton and Wanstead, did reply and has taken up the matter with Transport for London.

In a separate development, Councillor Khayer Chowdhury, who represents Valentines Ward in Ilford, called representatives to account for the current state of the service at a meeting of the Redbridge Council External Scrutiny Committee on 12 July 2018. The Transport for London spokesman who attended the meeting seems to have suggested the situation was only likely to get better once a £230m upgrade had been completed in 2020. This is simply not good enough.

The campaign is in email contact with the Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee who is setting up a passenger meeting with Central Line Management. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to take place until the end of September 2018. (Not because representatives of the campaign cannot attend but because those responsible for the management of the Central Line are on holiday.)

The Central Line Twitter feed has announced they will hold a Tweet The Manager session on 23 July between 08.30 and 09.30. Please use this opportunity to send questions to Chris Taggart, Head of Line Operations. If you could include the hashtag #improvethecentralline this will show the strength of feeling behind the campaign.

In the meantime, please see below for other contributions you can make:

What can I do?


Tag @CentralLine and use the hashtag #improvethecentralline

Write to:
The Mayor of London
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA

Mark Wild
Managing Director, London Underground
C/O TfL Customer Service
4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk
London SE10 0ES

Caroline Pidgeon, Chair, London Assembly Transport Committee

One thought on “Update on #improvethecentralline

  1. Eyes open

    All well and good, writing and contacting people but the kit is knackered and they don’t have the money and don’t expect it until 2030, so there’s not a lot more to say. That’s what happens when politicians want to lower taxes and freeze ticket prices and when governments give out line upgrade projects to contractors who go bust, leaving the whole renewal programme in disarray.Thinking of you Metronet.

    Rail infrastructure takes a long time to plan and install, it can’t be solved overnight. There’s no ‘New Train Shop’ with an off-the-shelf-ready-to-go product, so yelling and screaming isn’t going to make that much difference, especially without the funds available to TFL.

    Maybe the big BREXIT magic money tree will suddenly sprout as Boris Johnson’s sunlit uplands emerge in April next year and all our problems will be solved by the introduction of blue passports? Or maybe there will just be fewer people commuting into the City and the problem won’t seem so bad?


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