Children in Redbridge ‘gang affected’


Thirty-nine percent of children in Redbridge have been identified as “gang affected” in a new report presented to the Council.

The Youth Justice Plan 2018/2019 by Councillor Elaine Norman, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, was discussed at a meeting on 17 July 2018.

The Plan found the number and proportion of young people who are known to be “gang affected” has been increasing since 2014.

In 2014/2015 the percentage was 10.6 while in 2017/2018 it was 39.2.  Reasons for the increasing trend were described as “due mainly to better police intelligence and identification of cases”.

The Borough has a statutory duty to formulate, implement and publish an Annual Youth Justice Plan which sets out how Youth Justice Services will be provided and funded.  The report must also set out how the Youth Offending Service will be composed and resourced.

The Plan identified priorities for 2018/2019 which included maintaining the low level of young people entering the youth justice system, supporting vulnerable young people from re-offending and strengthening collaborative work on serious youth violence, child sexual exploitation, knife crimes and gangs work.

Statutory partners involved in the delivery of the Youth Justice Plan include the Metropolitan Police, the Probation/National Offender Management Service, The Connexions Team, the Mental Health and Well-being Service and North East London Foundation Trust.

The Redbridge Youth Justice Plan 2018/2019 will now be submitted to the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales.

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