The MD of London Underground responds


The campaign has received a response from Mark Wild, Managing Director of London Underground, to a letter sent on 9 July 2018.  His letter is dated 1 August and was received on 2 August.

The letter recognises that the Central Line is “not operating as London expects” and suggests that recent signal failures have “masked some of the real improvements”.  It claims that teams are working hard to put things right and refers to efforts to deflect sunlight from carriages and encourage customers to leave trains if they feel unwell.

These initiatives are worthy but they are simply not good enough.  More ideas and creative solutions are needed to tackle the appalling service currently being delivered on the Central Line.  It is no longer acceptable to have an “oh well, there is nothing more we can do” attitude.  The Central Line is one of the most important on the tube network.  It carries hundreds of thousands of passengers to key areas of the capital.  The current situation, with severe delays almost daily and sometimes complete cessation of service, cannot continue because it is negatively affecting so many people, businesses and the reputation of our city.  The Mayor of London, Transport for London, the Department for Transport and all those responsible for the management and running of the line must step up their efforts to deliver tangible improvements for customers who pay so much to travel on a line which many now describe as “hell”.

There has still been no direct response to the campaign letter sent to the Mayor of London.  Preparations continue for the meeting with the Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee in September.

Please keep supporting the campaign to #improvethecentralline in whatever way you can.

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