Your questions about the Central Line


At the end of September 2018 the #improvethecentralline campaign will be meeting with the Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee. The aim of the meeting is to discuss operational performance and make positive suggestions about how to improve the passenger experience.

If you have a question about the Central Line you would like answered, please comment below and The Wanstead Post will endeavour to get a response.

One thought on “Your questions about the Central Line

  1. Heather W

    The Jubilee line boasts 30 trains an hour during rush hour, and it is much more reliable. Why is the Central line service so patchy and why do they always regulate the service at Leytonstone (westbound)? This causes an even more uneven service further down the line which results in more overcrowded trains. And I haven’t even started about the unreliable service (eastbound) in the evening rush hour, which is never addressed! As a start, why can’t some trains run regularly to Hainault via Woodford to alleviate the overcrowded Epping line?


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