Frustrations shared on social media


Redbridge residents have been using social media to share their frustrations about some of the claims made in Redbridge Council’s Streets Strategy published in July 2017.

Written by Councillor John Howard, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, the document made claims about the Council’s performance. These included:

  • Our performance on keeping our streets clean has been consistently high.
  • Our high streets are clean, safe and well-maintained.
  • The Community Safety Partnership have worked together to deliver a 40% reduction over the past four years in the crimes that most affect residents and businesses.

Local residents have been using Twitter to contradict some of these claims, however, as well as comment on their experience of Council services.  Examples include:


The Streets Strategy made various commitments on behalf of the Council some of which are due to be delivered by 2020. Redbridge Council committed they will:

  • Develop a behaviour change campaign to discourage people from littering and fly tipping in the first place.
  • Prioritise enforcement action against those that commit enviro-crime and publicise prosecutions for fly tipping, littering and dog fouling.
  • Work with local takeaways, pubs, clubs and businesses to make them more accountable for reducing waste and cleaning up after themselves and their customers.
  • Support multi-agency working by organising ten Redbridge Action Days each year to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and other street scene issues (nine days have taken place in 2017/2018).
  • Work closely with schools to further develop School Travel Plans that encourage walking and cycling to school and work to achieve green routes to school.
  • Convert all street lights to LED over the next 2 years to improve the quality of lighting and reduce energy consumption (this is due to be completed by 30 November 2018).
  • Work with business communities in our key high streets to find ways to improve the quality of their local environment.
  • Reduce fly tips by 50% (by 2020).
  • Increase enforcement activity for street scene offences by 30% compared to base line year 2016/2017.
  • Make sure 99% of street lights are working (by 2020).
  • Increase recycling by 10% (by 2020).
  • Plant more trees in locations to improve air quality (by 2020).

It seems local residents and community groups will make use of social media to provide constant feedback and monitor progress as the Council continues to work towards these goals.



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