Road casualties in Redbridge

Graph showing road casualties by London Borough
Source: Transport for London

There were 1,030 casualties on roads in Redbridge in 2017 according to the latest figures from Transport for London (TfL).

Casualties are defined as persons killed or injured in a collision. Fatal casualties are categorised as those where death occurs within 30 days of an accident.

During 2017 nine people died, 72 were seriously injured and 949 were slightly injured on roads in the borough.

The most casualties occured in Westminster (1,917) while the City of London had the least (366). The borough of Enfield had the most fatalities (10) while Merton had no fatal accidents.

In total there were 32,567 casualties on London’s roads in 2017 including 28,686 people slightly injured and 131 deaths.

The Mayor of London has introduced a ‘Vision Zero’ plan to eliminate all serious and fatal injuries from London’s roads by 2041.  The strategy includes the introduction of lower speed limits on TfL’s road network, the transformation of dangerous junctions, the introduction of new safety standards for the design of HGVs and a bus safety programme.

“I don’t accept that deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads are something we just have to put up with,” said Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, when he launched the plan in July 2018.

“Every single death or serious injury results in heartache and tragedy for those affected, and their loved ones.

“Our bold and far-reaching plans are some of the most ambitious in the world, and start from the basis that no death or serious injury on London’s roads should be treated as acceptable or inevitable. At the heart of our plans is reducing the dangers of speeding vehicles across London, which is why we’re proposing a new general speed limit of 20mph on TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone – protecting cyclists, pedestrians and all road users in the busiest part of the capital.

“The design of vehicles on London’s roads is also crucial. That’s why we’re using the latest safety technologies to transform London’s buses and bringing in a world-leading safety standard for lorries, alongside investing record amounts in building new infrastructure to make walking and cycling a safe option in every part of the capital.”

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