LCY consults on development plans

A public consultation has been launched on the Master Plan for London City Airport.

The proposals cover the years 2020-2035 and indicate a change to the current cap on flights, an increase in the number of early morning and late evening flights and the end of the current 24-hour closure of the airport at the weekend.

The campaign group HACAN East, which represents residents affected by the airport, has expressed dismay at the development plans.

“For all its green talk, this plan would be disastrous for residents. Flight numbers could double from today’s levels. And, to rub in the pain, the aiport is looking to ease the restrictions at the weekends and in the early morning and late evening,” commented John Stewart, Chair of HACAN East.

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer for London City Airport, said:

“This draft master plan is a long-term vision for London City Airport, detailing how London’s most central airport can meet continued demand sustainably, create jobs and opportunities for East London, and support the capital as a major global city for tourism and business.”

HACAN East has produced a briefing document for residents wanting to respond to the consultation. The advice can be found on the website for HACAN East:

The 12-week public consultation period runs until 20 September 2019. Full details can be found on the website for London City Airport:

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