Robust meeting about LCY development plans

Photo: Andrew Holt

Last night Wanstead residents attended a lively meeting about expansion plans at London City Airport.

The event was organised by Cann Hall Area Residents and involved representatives from London City, campaign group HACAN East and local Member of Parliament John Cryer.

The Draft Master Plan published by the Airport in June 2019 outlined proposals including a change to the current cap on flights, an increase in the number of early morning and late evening flights and an end to the current 24-hour closure of the airport at the weekend.

Residents from boroughs surrounding London City expressed considerable concern about carbon emissions and the climate emergency as well as the noise disturbance caused by aircraft.

In a tweet following the meeting John Cryer described the event as: “A robust debate from the local residents to say the least!”

HACAN East had earlier launched a major campaign against City Airport’s expansion plans which they claim will include the delivery of thousands of postcards to impacted homes.

The 12-week public consultation period on the Draft Master Plan runs until 20 September 2019. Full details can be found on the website for London City Airport:

HACAN East has produced a briefing document for residents wanting to respond to the consultation. The advice can be found on the website for HACAN East:

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