Redbridge Council plans chocolate monitoring

An eagle-eyed Councillor from Fairlop Ward has spotted an important announcement about a major new committee being set up by Redbridge Council.

The Chocolate Monitoring Committee was included in a list of Current committees alongside the Education Scrutiny Panel and the Health and Wellbeing Board on the Redbridge Council website.

Twitter user RuthAtFairlop tweeted a screengrab and commented: “I’m so intrigued to see what the ‘Chocolate Monitoring Committee’ does, I wonder how much this little escapade costs LBR”.

Redbridge Council responded apologising and explaining it was a test page. The Labour Leader of the Council, Jas Athwal, also contributed to the message thread humorously tweeting: “There is a long queue to be on this committee.”

Sadly, rumours Redbridge residents were to be issued samples as part of the initiative have also proved to be unfounded.

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