Neil Hepworth candidate statement

Neil Hepworth

On Thursday 5 May 2022 local elections are being held in all 32 London boroughs including Redbridge.

To learn more about those standing for election, The Wanstead Post has asked candidates to contribute a short personal statement.  Below is the profile provided by Neil Hepworth who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Wanstead Village Ward:

“Neil Hepworth moved into Wanstead Village over 20 years ago, having previously enjoyed its shops, bars and restaurants from just over the ward boundary in Wanstead Park. His children went to local Wanstead Schools and he volunteers to help run Christ Church, Wanstead. Working from home more recently has given him time to appreciate Wanstead’s wider facilities and he is keen to protect and enhance them. Your LibDem team are committed to ensuring the community’s voice is heard by the Council before decisions affecting our area are made.”

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