Janet Cornish candidate statement

Janet Cornish

On Thursday 5 May 2022 local elections are being held in all 32 London boroughs including Redbridge.

To learn more about those standing for election, The Wanstead Post has asked candidates to contribute a short personal statement.  Below is the profile provided by Janet Cornish who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Wanstead Park Ward:

“Janet Cornish has lived in Wanstead for 50 years where she a local teacher of maths and computer studies.

Janet and her husband, Alan, were heavily involved with the Friends of Wanstead Parklands. She has a passion for Green spaces, which are vital for all of us.

Janet says we should consider how we can help refugees who are escaping war in Ukraine.  We need a focal point where we can meet and help those families who have lost their homes, possessions and loved ones.”

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