Redbridge Council plans chocolate monitoring

An eagle-eyed Councillor from Fairlop Ward has spotted an important announcement about a major new committee being set up by Redbridge Council.

The Chocolate Monitoring Committee was included in a list of Current committees alongside the Education Scrutiny Panel and the Health and Wellbeing Board on the Redbridge Council website.

Twitter user RuthAtFairlop tweeted a screengrab and commented: “I’m so intrigued to see what the ‘Chocolate Monitoring Committee’ does, I wonder how much this little escapade costs LBR”.

Redbridge Council responded apologising and explaining it was a test page. The Labour Leader of the Council, Jas Athwal, also contributed to the message thread humorously tweeting: “There is a long queue to be on this committee.”

Sadly, rumours Redbridge residents were to be issued samples as part of the initiative have also proved to be unfounded.

Wanstead features in The Times

The Times newspaper has published a photograph of an urban fox sitting on a doorstep in Wanstead.

The fox sits next to a pair of floral Wellington Boots and is accompanied by what The Times describes as an “ageing cat”.


The photograph can be found on page 22 of The Times published on Friday 8 June 2018.