Would you volunteer to pay more Council Tax?


According to The Times newspaper, more than 800 households in Westminster have volunteered to pay extra Council Tax.  This follows a letter from the Leader of the Council to residents living in properties in the top band asking whether they would be willing to pay a “community contribution”.  Since the scheme began in March about 2 per cent of the 15,600 households approached have responded and the idea is expected to raise £342,000 to tackle homelessness and isolation and fund youth clubs.

Westminster includes areas such as Mayfair and Belgravia and residents already pay some of the lowest Council Tax rates in the UK; but is this a useful idea and would it work in Redbridge?

If Redbridge Council could prove that any money raised by a similar scheme was being used to tackle the most urgent social issues in the Borough, would residents be willing to volunteer to pay more Council Tax?

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