Update on #improvethecentralline


Thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign so far.  Unfortunately, there have been severe delays again this week.

A meeting has been arranged with Caroline Pidgeon, Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee and representatives from Transport for London.  This will take place on Friday 28 September 2018.

The campaign has received a response to the letter sent to Mark Wild, Managing Director of London Underground.  Regrettably, the letter is from someone called Belinda, a customer services representative, rather than Mr Wild himself.  It contains the usual well-worn excuses and lack of aspiration so typical of those responsible for Central Line management.  This response and attitude is no longer good enough.  It is time to expect better.  Why is Mr Wild not responding to complaints?  Why is he hiding from the passengers who pay his salary?  He is – after all – accountable.

The campaign has received no response to the letter sent to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.  He has however found the time to give an interview to Time Out in which he claims he could beat the former mayor, Boris Johnson, in a boxing match saying: “I could ‘ave ‘im, all day long”.  If only he could take the same pugnacious approach to fixing the transport problems in London and improving the lives of the people he is supposed to represent.

Many responses to the campaign have referred to the issue of funding and the lack of investment in Central Line infrastructure.  While funding is undoubtedly an issue it is not the only solution.  A new attitude and culture is required from all those responsible for the management and running of the line.  The situation can be improved through ambition, aspiration, innovation, creative solutions and hard work as well as more money.

The campaign continues.  Please be part of it.

What can I do?


Tag @CentralLine and use the hashtag #improvethecentralline

Write to:

The Mayor of London

City Hall

The Queen’s Walk

London SE1 2AA


Mark Wild

Managing Director, London Underground

C/O TfL Customer Service

4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk

London SE10 0ES



Caroline Pidgeon, Chair, London Assembly Transport Committee


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